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My wife found another amazing Coleman Thrift Store Score. This Coleman 502-700 gas stove is in great shape and I excited to add it to my collector. 

My wife found me another amazing old Coleman product. It is a 1960s Coleman Water Jug and it is in great shape. I am still unsure of the exact production date. Like Coleman’s lanterns it has a date code on the bottom which is “6 – 39”. However, based on some online research this model appears to made in the 1960s. My research continues and I will produce an update video once I learn more. 

Do have more questions, want to share pictures, or videos of your Coleman lantern issues? 

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My thrift store score lantern needed some love before lighting it. The pump tube was severely rusted/corroded. I used several methods to remove the rust. The method that worked best was using a 12ga. bore cleaning brush and rod on my drill. Thankfully, the old leather pump cups are forgiving. 

Yes another Thrift Store Score video. This time it is a 1973 Coleman 220H lantern. 

Thrift Stores are a great place to find outstanding deals on Coleman Products.  

Notes on installing mantels. 

Coleman lantern schraders are high debated however, I have learned a few things over the years. In this video, I have some recommendations for you. 

The video that started it all, 10 years ago I filmed a impromptu video comparing an old thrift store find lantern to my new dual fuel lantern. 

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